Sex Toys & Wondering About Tim Ferris’ Sex Life

June 11, 2017

Dildos, vibrators, double-sided dildos, ball gags, paddles, handcuffs, fox tail butt plugs galore! Sex toys are just so much fun! And somehow while discussing sex toys, Sarah and Emerson began to wonder how optimized Tim Ferris' sex life is....


Pixie Cuts, Beards, and Pubes

June 4, 2017

Emerson has chopped her hair off. Sarah has a mullet (Jk - but she did once!). They talk about how your hair is connected to identity and sexuality. They talk about beards and how they can be really hot or downright gross. And of course, they talk about the sexy pubic hair. 


Italian Pussy + Slut Guilt

May 28, 2017

Sarah's been up to no good. A sex club in Miami, pimping her husband out, and her new discovery of reclamation sex has kept her and Trent busy. Emerson and Sarah catch up on naughty stories and talk about how slut guilt can still creep in - even with the most intentional scenarios. 


Emerson’s First MMF Threesome

May 21, 2017

Having an MMF threesome is a fantasy for a lot of women. Unfortunately, there's a lot of shaming that prevents women from being able to enjoy this fantasy. It doesn't need to be that way. After fantasizing about this for years, Emerson had the pleasure of experiencing the bliss and affection of two wonderful men.


The Kinky World of Fetlife

May 14, 2017

Fetlife is a social media platform where kinky people share pictures, videos, and connect. It's how Sarah and Emerson met. They talk about how it's been a tool for sexual exploration and growth.